Throughout each step of your divorce proceedings, our attorneys will work to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. We have several decades in combined experience representing Austin TX cases.

Your children are the fabric of your family and your future. We'll help fight for you and your loved ones throughout the entire process.

Our lawyers are specialists in divorce law in the state of Texas. Our founder James Evans has spend nearly two decades fighting for families rights in Austin TX.

We understand that this is an incredibly stressful time involving your family and finances. Our Austin divorce attorneys also specialize in child support matters.

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Evans Family Law Group: Your Trusted Austin Divorce Attorney

A divorce is an incredibly confusing time in life. Compounding the emotional stresses that are inevitable, there is a lot at stake. A divorce is perhaps the most financially significant event that will transpire in a lifetime. There are numerous events that are taking place right now that will directly influence your lifestyle for years to come. How will your assets be divided? How will custody of your children be separated? How about settlements pertaining to child support and alimony? Right now, there are a myriad of questions that are simply unanswered.

Evans Family Law Group has a wealth of experience representing divorce cases in Austin TX. We will fight to obtain the most equitable solution and to preserve the best standard of living that we possibly can going forward. Our divorce attorneys understand cases that are complex and what must be done to return the most favorable outcome on your behalf. A divorce is not an event to be taken lightly: Retaining proper representation will almost certainly be an influential factor in your life for years to come. The divorce attorneys here at Evans Family Law Group are highly versed in family law and its complexities. We have experience with many of the judges presiding in courtrooms throughout Austin. We possess the necessary expertise to be among the best decisions you can make given your circumstances at this moment.

What Does the Outcome of a Divorce Settlement Mean for Me?

A divorce settlement or judgement, by definition, is one that is legally binding. What does that mean for you? It means that reaching less than an equitable settlement can have severe ramifications. A divorce is a sensitive time. Most likely there are a wide range of assets and financial instruments at stake. What's more is that the future of your family may be in jeopardy as well. At Evans Family Law Group, our divorce lawyers will handle your case as if it is the only case they are working. We will endure painstaking efforts to understand the circumstances of the case better than the judge as well as opposing counsel. Furthermore, we will ensure that we utilize the minimum amount of budget necessary to obtain a desirable outcome.

Our Austin Divorce Attorneys Also Specialize in Custody, Asset Division and Visitation Matters

Each divorce case we represent exhibits entirely different circumstances. In some instances, we partake in mediated divorces whereby there are few disagreements to be moderated. With other divorces, it may be possible that both parties do not see eye to eye. There may be issues involving your personal assets, custody and visitation of children. The latter most usually involves a great deal of complexities that must be taken into consideration. Our family law specialists are highly versed in these matters. Our divorce attorneys have represented numerous cases involving a great deal of intricacies. When there is so much at stake, it's hardly sensible to leave your future to chance. At Evans Family Law Group, you can be confident that we will give you the best opportunity to obtain the most favorable judgement or settlement possible.

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Although the times may be stressful, it's essential that you undertake the most sensible actions given your circumstances. Retaining strong representation earlier in a case allows our team of divorce lawyers to evaluate your case with the greatest leverage involving time. We'll explain our approach to your case, and give you the opportunity to proceed with our representation once you feel confident with our capabilities. Your financial and familial future is too much to leave to chance. Contact us and let us obtain an equitable settlement or judgement on your behalf.